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Brooke Enright SSW, RSSW

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Meet Brooke, a warm and down-to-earth counsellor who draws on their diverse work and life experiences to offer a unique and creative approach to counselling. As a registered social service worker, they provide in person and virtual counselling and come from a harm reduction and client centred lens. 

   Brooke is also a proud member of the queer

    community and is neurodivergent. She has

      lived experiences navigating mental health               

        challenges. They bring their authentic self into                  their work and strives to create a safe

           and supportive space for everyone.

           Brooke has experiences in various social                           services; including Counselling, Recreation

           Therapy, Peer Support, and Community

          Support. Which allows them to bring a

         creative and innovative approach to her

        work. She's committed to offering an

       anti-racist, anti-oppressive approach

     while continuously learning and challenging

  oppressive messaging in all of our systems.


Whether you're looking for individual counselling, groups, or workshops, Brooke is here! Her sex-allied, kink-affirming, and leisure/recreation scope allows her to tailor their approach to best try to meet their client’s needs.

If you're looking for a counsellor who aims to make you feel supported and heard, get in touch with Brooke at or book directly online.


She's excited to help you on your journey towards healing and growth.



Approaches to Therapy

  • Trauma-focused and trauma-informed

  • Harm reduction

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)

  • Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)


Areas of Focus

  • LGBTQIA+ and queer identities and exploration of sexuality and gender identity

  • Trauma

  • Healthy relationships with selves and others

  • Non-traditional relationships (polyamory, kink/BDSM dynamics, blended families, etc)

  • Adolescents and teens

  • Self-harm and suicidality 

  • Neurodivergence

  • Coping with existence under the weight of Capitalism and systemic oppression



  • Individual therapy session (1 hour) - $150 

  • Individual therapy session (1.5 hours) - $200

  • Couples therapy session (1 hour) - $180


Consulting - contact me to discuss what I can offer in terms of professional consultation around special topics

Please note: if these rates are not affordable for you, get in touch with us and we will try our best to figure out a rate that is doable. It is important that money isn't the barrier to you getting support. 


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