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Group Confidentiality and Consent Form

Informed Consent

Stardust community members, clients and support people of Stardust Theraputic Collective, attending group services have the right to Informed Consent; that is, your full and active participation in decisions which affect you and your freedom of choice based on the information shared.

Your Stardust facilitator respects your right to ongoing informed consent at the outset of the group. You have the right to withdraw consent at any time.


Confidentiality is an essential part of Stardust's group environments; your privacy is important to us. Your information belongs to you and is held in confidence by Stardust except in the case of the following circumstances:

1. If the information is required by law to be disclosed (e.g., child or vulnerable person in need of protection, court order, subpoenaed).

2. If staff believe there may be a significant risk of harm to you or others.

3. When informed and voluntary consent is provided by you to release information.

To ensure confidentiality of our groups, we ask all participants to not repeat disclosing information of other participants outside of group. Stardust can not take responsibility for the confidentiality being upheld by other group participants. We want to keep our groups as inclusive and safe as possible  therefore it is each participant’s responsibility to assure they are keeping other's information shared during group private. 

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