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Lex D’Angelo, RP(Q)

Hi, I’m Lex! I work from a person-centred approach first and foremost - you are the expert of your own life and I want to respect and honour that truth. I want to work alongside you in
collaboration to uncover and celebrate your authenticity and            inner wisdoms. I work at the crossroads of mental health                    and social justice, and so, much of my practice is                                 grounded in anti-oppressive practice, trauma-                                   informed care, advocacy and activism. My practice                           is anti-racist, identity-affirming, sex, poly and kink                             positive, and sex work positive.

                            I pull from a variety of approaches in the care I                                  provide to folks depending on what the person                             in front of me is experiencing in their life, what                                 they are hoping to get out of therapy, and what
                      they are wanting therapy to look like for them.                              The skills and modalities that I have training and
               experience in providing include: Cognitive                                      Behavioural Therapy skills, Dialectical Behaviour
        Therapy skills, Compassion-Focused Therapy skills,                   Harm Reduction practices, and Trauma-Focused                    Somatic Therapy skills. I am currently pursuing a diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy which also informs my practice. Together, we’ll work to build a safe(r) space that works for you!




Areas of Focus

  • Trauma (single-incident, complex and systemic)

  • BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+, Neurodivergent individuals and communities

  • Building Self-Compassion and Self-Esteem

  • Integrating Expressive Arts practices into treatment

  • Individuals who feel ostracized by mainstream mental healthcare services



  • Individual session (1 hour) - $150


Consulting - contact me to discuss what I can offer in terms of professional consultation around special topics

Please note: if these rates are not affordable for you, get in touch with us and we will try our best to figure out a rate that is doable. It is important that money isn't the barrier to you getting support. 

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