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Alexander Trivett CYC (Child and Youth Counsellor  

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Alex is a registered Child and Youth Counsellor and has achieved a Bachelors in Psychology. As a counsellor, he meets clients where they are at and works with them to set and       

      achieve their goals. He offers virtual sessions and is open                 to providing respite in the community. He is dedicated 

                to providing his clients with tools to improve their 

                     physical, emotional, intellectual and social 



                           Alex identifies as neurodivergent and has lived                               experience with mental health challenges. Alex                            has worked in the CYC and counselling field for                             9 years. Alex works hard to operate from an anti- r                         racist, anti-oppressive approach. He recognizes                              that he is always learning and working on 

                        tearing down the oppressive messaging we learn                       through our social and educational systems. Alex                         has worked in a variety of setting including school                      board, group homes and in the community

          providing respite care to individuals and families. 


Some of Alex’s passions are: learning new board games, exploring nature and the outdoors, playing DND and other games with his friends and family. 


With Alex’s educational background in CYC (Child and Youth Care) and Psychology he will be offering Life & Social Skills, Counselling, Respite Care, Game Therapy, Therapeutic D&D.


For more information please contact Alex directly at: 




Approaches to Therapy

  • Client-centered

  •  Trauma-informed 

  • CBT-Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Nature and Adventure based 

  • Anti-racist and anti-oppressive Lens 

  • Community Work 

  • Harm Reduction


Areas of Focus

  • Social Skills 

  • Life Skills 

  • Behavioral Skills 

  • Adventure based learning 

  • Child Care  

  • ADHD/ ASD/ Neurodivergence 

  • Life skills

  • Self-harm/Suicide/ Addicitions within Children and Youth 

  • Community knowledge and integration

  • Game Based Therapy 



  • Individual session (1 hour) - $120

  • Therapeutic Dungeon and Dragon - contact Alexander to discuss rates and availability

  • Respite and Adventure based learning contact Alexander to discuss rates and availability


Sliding scale rates are available - contact Stardust, or contact Alexander directly to discuss 

*Please note: if these rates are not affordable for you, get in touch with us and we will try our best to figure out a rate that is doable. It is important that money isn't the barrier to you getting support.


Alex is accepting new clients! 

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