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Our Students

What does seeing a Student Counsellor mean? 

Our students are closely supervised, which means they will be working closely with their Stardust Supervisor to ensure they are bringing you the best possible service. This will give our students a chance to learn and get feedback. Limits of confidentiality will be discussed with you prior to your session.   

How much does it cost? 


Our student sessions are typically $80/hour. We do have sliding scale prices available. Please message, if you have any questions!

Jenny m.jpeg

Jenny McMahon


BSW McMaster Student

Hi, I’m Jenny! The world is a hard place to be a human and I am all about doing what I can to bring some safety, play and care to the experience.


I have a background in gender studies, community organizing and harm reduction work. My approach to care is rooted in intersectional, anti-oppressive, and trauma-informed frameworks, recognizing that the trauma and harm that comes to us is most often a result of the oppressive systems we live within rather than an internal flaw that needs “fixing”. I am passionate about collaborative and contextual counseling. You know yourself and your world best, and I invite you to bring all of the parts of yourself to our work together.   


List of Areas of Focus 

  • Trauma/Complex Trauma

  • Depression

  • Chronic Overwhelm and Burnout

  • Perfectionism

  • Isolation and loneliness

  • Queer/Trans Identities and Experiences

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