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Wynnie Friesen

Wynnie is a Peer Support Worker whose experience is primarily in helping with concerns relating to queer and transgender life, aid for cisgender partners of transgender people, and educating and supporting the parents of queer          and gender divergent children. Being a support for people              with similar life experiences, they operate from a                              position of mutual understanding and a more casual                      nature.


                        Wynnie is a queer and genderqueer person who                            self describes as a community witch, acting for                               the last several years as an informal and                                           amateur spiritual advisor, emotional support,                                 and caretaker for members of her community.                              Additionally they have acted as an educator on                             trans issues for blossoming trans and gender                               divergent children and adults, as well as parents                          and partners of people coming out in various                             ways. 


            A transplant to Hamilton from Edmonton, Alberta, she        is constantly working to familiarize herself with her now home and its resources. She lives as part of a large blended polyamorous family, with her children, partners, and coparents, as well as her two pet rats. They homeschool (or unschool) their youngest child who they spend much time learning about media production and critique.


Wynnie loves the act of music, particularly playing the piano, and learning anti-oppressive music theory. She also loves yarn and fabric based crafts, learning how to crochet and sew through the pandemic. Wynnie also has an impressive collection of strange board and card games. These are all things they're happy to include as avenues of support, as well having a game or yarncraft project going to keep the hands busy can be a handy way to let the mind do heavy lifting.


A session with Wynnie would likely look most like a casual conversation in which she can listen, offer support and commiseration, and remind you you're not alone, no matter what you're dealing with. They are happy to do walking sessions when weather and conditions permit, at the option of those they support, or doing shared or parallel activities as part of a session. She can also assist in gamifying your personal growth.


Wynnie is just at the beginning of her vocational journey as a support worker, and her passion for community care drives her forward.


Get in touch with Wynnie at

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Areas of Focus

  • LGBTQIA+ and queer identities and exploration of sexuality and gender identity

  • Navigating changing and dynamic relationships

  • Shifts in sex activities or attractions

  • Non-traditional relationships (polyamory, kink/BDSM dynamics, blended families, etc)

  • Adolescents and teens

  • Self-harm, suicidality, and intrusive thoughts

  • Neurodivergence

  • Living as a mental health service user

  • Coping with existence under the weight of Capitalism and systemic oppression



  • Individual support session (1 hour) - $100 

  • Paired support session (1.5 hours) - $130

  • Group Support session (1 hour) - $150


Consulting - contact me to discuss what I can offer in terms of professional consultation around special topics

Please note: if these rates are not affordable for you, get in touch with us and we will try our best to figure out a rate that is doable. It is important that money isn't the barrier to you getting support. 

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